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Valence Hwalee LTD. was the forerunner of Taiwan Hua-Xuan Trading Company, which was established in 1987.
Our business specializes in the food industry development. We are continuously expanding our market to build a new factory every five years to meet our customers' demand. The food industry has been the worldwide people's livelihood industry; therefore, you should understand more about our developing process.


Foods Developing Process

¡¹Step 1:
Developing market products with original material in compound foods.
Enlarging the market with the business market and ¢İ¢Ó¢Û.
Looking for people with talents and establishing a complete production & sales system.

¡¹Step 2:
Build a new factory or establish a new industry target every five years.
Establish our own franchising system and food industry.

¡¹Step 3:
Establish overseas branches to Southeast Asia ¢İ¢Ó¢Û or build factories
to enlarge productivity; moreover, to set up related businesses in many places of this area.
Set up factories in the northern, central, and southern parts of Taiwan; and promote cooperation with new factories.

¡¹Step 4:
Establish companies in mainland China and Southeast Asia where we can stabilize our import product source, and furthermore expand our business overseas.
¡¹Step 5:
Enter the overseas market and develop domestic and international industry investment.
¡¹Step 6:
Set up a head office overseas and promote our company's principles in each department.